Your Second Home

Some information about our servers

We’re one of the largest Australian Garry's Mod Communities

Welcome to the Imperial Gaming's Landing Page. At Imperial Gaming we pride ourselves on creating a friendly, enjoyable community-based environment for all ages. With a diverse group of active players, our staff team is dedicated to ensure you have the best role-playing experience possible, keeping us online 24/7. We provide a place for members of the Steam Community to come together and play games together in a fun and safe environment. So come check us out for yourself at Imperial Gaming.

Management Team


I'm Kosmos, I am the Founder of Imperial Gaming.

Community Founder

Hello & Welcome!

I'm Wolf and I am the Owner of Imperial, my job is to make sure the management & staff team are working efficiently to make sure the community members are happy.

Community Owner

Looking for a fun time?

Just join the Teamspeak

Our teamspeak is filled with amazing and funny people. Any time you want to jump on and chat there is always a free channel. This is also where all the regiments will communicate during events and just relax from time to time. The teamspeak is also a great way to speak to staff members about problems you may have. You can even donate for your own private channel that you can use with your friends! The Teamspeak IP is syd.streamlinegames.com:10012

Our Departments

Here are all of our different departments helping our server

Development Team

Our development team is split into 2 sections, web development and server development. The web development team are always working on new out of character things to do such as working on the Imperial Network and working on new projects such as this. The server development team are working constantly trying to give the players minimal lag and keep bringing in new content to the server to keep it fresh and interesting.
Advertising and Support Team

These are the people in charge of all of your requests about donations and issues with players out of the server. These guys are always willing to help and any ideas are always welcome.
Server Staff Team

These are the people you see on the servers and who are always helping people who need it. These guys will always be there to make sure the server is running smoothly and everyone is having a great roleplaying experience.

What the community has to say?

Great community with fantastic staff and players!

Little, Global Admin

What the community has to say?

Literally my second home.

Spoder, Moderator

What the community has to say?

I got insomnia from Imperial Gaming.

Morgan, Community Member

What the community has to say?

One of a kind roleplay expereince with a great playerbase and staff team!

Kumo, Community Member

What the community has to say?

This server is really good, I rate the friendly staff and inviting players.

Big Man Ramsay, Community Member

What the community has to say?

Enjoyable server with a friendly community and a fantastic staff team.

Barron, Senior Moderator | Dev

What the community has to say?

Damn jolly bunch of easy goin' Aussies.

Ren, Community Member