DarkRP Donator Package
15 AUD
  • Non Permanent
Exclusive jobs (Hitman, SWAT etc)
Exclusive models in the wardrobe (8 extra)
Exclusive tool access (stacker and advanced dupe)
Extra textscreens (5 more than users, total of 10)
 Extra printer (donator printer)
Access to coloured text in chatbox
Spawn with climb swep
An additional 50 props (total of 150)
An additional 5 pocket spaces (total of 15)
Access to all custom chat colours with !chatcolour
Access to supporter only discord voice and text channel (this is not - automatic, contact a staff member to have this given)
Server Announcement On First Connection After Donation.
Donator spot on server, (If server full)
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Contribution to DarkRP (Custom Amount)
Custom amount
  • Permanent
We appreciate any and all support recieved by our community. Perhaps you're a staff member who already owns the benefits and/or you're just feeling generous? Well this is one of your many ways of saying thanks and to keep us up and running!