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Popular Packages


  • 25 AUD
  • By donating for this package you will receive the rank of Patron on; Garrys Mod, Teamspeak, and the Forums. This is a subscription-based package for players that wish to support the server in the long run.

Inquisitor Initiate

  • 70 AUD
  • Become a Inquisitor Initate, train under the arms of the sith and learn the dark side of the Force.
  • You will receive a lightsaber and force powers all whilst being able to fight jedi during events and other sith during training, whilst roleplaying as Sith Inquisitor when your purchase this role.

Imperial Droid

  • 40 AUD
  • Imperial Droid, you are able to purchase this package and swap between an R2, R4, R5, Mouse, Surgical, Security, Torture, Repair, Demolitionmech, and Gonk Droid at your choice. In order to do so you just contact a Staff Member through admin chat and theyll swap you to the role youd like. You are unable to swap roles if it is going to derail RP or get you out of trouble in-character, youll need to wait for the situation to be finished up before swapping over.