Commanding Officer Positions [IMPERIAL RP]
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Phase Zero CO Role
85 AUD
  • Permanent

On donation for Phase Zero Squadron, you shall be given an equivilent rank transfer or set to the rank of Warrant Officer (N-6), whichever is higher. You will be placed as the Commanding Officer for the regiment. Specific details are subject to slot capacities found on the "IMPERIAL GAMING DATABASE".

Should you choose to leave the regiment for whatever reason, you will have the ability to pass the regiment onto one other person, provided they are above or equal to the rank of sergeant and in your regiment. When this successor resigns, the regiment must return to the donation store.

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Existing Squad Upgrade
40 AUD
  • Permanent


This package allows for an increase of 2 slots in a pre-existing squad (4 to 6). You must be the commander of a squad to donate for this package and it is recommended that you consult IHC prior to your decision to donate.

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Custom Unit
70 AUD
  • Permanent


This is to become the commanding officer of a SOB Unit within the 439th Legion. This will entitle you to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer and give you the opportunity to work up the ranks to achieve whatever goals you may have in the army. When being a CO you must abide by all server rules and requirements placed by Army High Command and the 439th LCO.

You as the donator must come forward with your proposal with models and loadouts (please include workshop links for models, weapon IDs for loadouts). This proposal will be reviewed by management who will have ultimate discretion over the outcome.

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