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Private Channel
  • Permanent

Permanent private channel for the teamspeak. You may only buy 1 channel. You must follow all server rules when creating and using your channel.

Note: Inactive users will have their TS channels removed.
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Contribute to the Server
Custom amount
  • Permanent
This package is if you feel like donating to the server without any rewards. This package is also used for custom prices.
Custom Teamspeak icon
10 AUD
  • Permanent
Lets you give us an icon to put onto your name in TeamSpeak, this is because surprisingly enough people have been asking for this.... weird. 
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Secondary Character
50 AUD
  • Permanent

By donating for this package you will receive the ability to swap between your primary and secondary characters in-game. Your second character will start at the rank of Stormtrooper Private and you will be able to use it to join another regiment.

Secondary characters cannot be in the same branch (e.g. primary character in 501st Heavy, secondary character in 107th Honour Guard) with the exemption of 439th stormtroopers. You may not swap characters during any active RP scenario, this includes but is not limited too; training, AOS/brig time, and meetings. If you are caught abusing these rules, your second character access will be removed. Activity on secondary characters is not valid activity for primary characters and vice versa. If your primary character is a chief warrant officer (or equivilent) or above, your secondary character cannot also be chief warrant officer or above. Primary and secondary characters of the same person cannot interact. Players may only switch between characters in bunks/spawn. You cannot have more than two characters.

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25 AUD
  • Non Permanent
By donating for this package you will receive the rank of Patron on; Garry's Mod, Teamspeak, and the Forums. This is a subscription-based package for players that wish to support the server in the long run. Benefits of this rank:

Garry's Mod Imperial RP:
Secondary Character
85% Pointshop Refund
10% off all Pointshop weapons
Ability to join donation slots in legions through regular tryouts
+50 Credits per paycheck (Donator is +25)
Private Teamspeak Channel
Sub-group Teamspeak Channel
Patron TS Tag
Custom TS Icon
Patron Tag

After 2 months, this package and its benefits will expire and the Patron will be set to Donator.
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