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Terms of Service

By donating to Imperial Gaming you accept that any money sent to Imperial Gaming is a donation, not a purchase. You are donating to the server and in return the owners are thanking you by giving you benefits that may be in-game on our Garry's Mod server, TeamSpeak 3 or Website . As you are donating to Imperial Gaming, not purchasing goods, the owners have no obligation to issue a refund for any reason, although they may choose to do so at their discretion. Attempting any kind of chargeback/refund, through a bank or Paypal, will result in a permanent community ban from all Imperial Gaming's servers. All chargebacks/refunds may be challenged through all official channels.

You also accept that any privileges given to you for donating can be removed without warning if the Management Team deems it appropriate, this includes however is not limited to; the user going inactive, the user breaking server rules, the user attempting to chargeback a payment. If you require to go inactive due to personal issues (More then 2 weeks) then you need to contact the management team otherwise the item will return to the store for others to achieve.